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A general discussion forum for members of the network.
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"The car racing is being their for decades but the motor cycle racing is st" - jamesthoms
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For account specific questions and Support: Please login to your Magic Seven account, and you will see the "CHAT NOW" Button below the Video Tutorial. Click the Chat Now Button and you will be connected to the Interactive Support Chat, where you can get instant Help and Support! After you clicked the "Chat Now" button, you see youself as "Visitor" Please replace this with "Name + Magic Seven Member ID" and type in your query and wait until a Chat Operator answers. In busy times where we have too many chat support requests, it can take up to 15 minutes or longer to answer your chat request. Should it take longer, Please contact in 1-2 hours later. -Admin-
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" Blood DK " - magsone
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Messaging & Live Chat Features
Dear Members! Beside of the Messaging, now you can also chat with Members who are online. Please see at the bottom right of the screen, and there you will see a link "Who's Online", with the number of online Members. When you click on it, you will see the Nicknames of the Member(s), whom you can chat with. Click the nickname and it opens the chat window where you can chat with them. We are currently updating the chat server here on the Social Media and once we are finished, you will be able also to video-chat with your friends. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment and we will do our best to set the messaging and chat function that satisfy all our members. Have Fun! -Admin-
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"hello dear. EzyCashGift is an independent program on it's own run by it own" - mihelin
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Magic Seven - Get Paid Today! The Genius Wealth Creation System
Here on this forum you can comminicate with other Magic Seven Members and ask or answer questions, to help each other to master the few simple steps even faster through the support of this Forum. Magic Seven - Get Paid Today has created this Forum in order to help the world to be a better place that requires everybody throughout the whole Globe to complete only few easy steps to access their total financial freedom. When you join/joined Magic Seven - Get Paid Today, you will be able to receive a free cash-bonus of total $350, initially the first $110 and all professional tools and softwares that anyone would need to create any business in any niche just within 24 hours and thats all FREE! You will need to become a pro-member of Magic Seven - Get Paid Today, in order to start the journey to your Wealth, Health and Happiness by accessing the Financial Freedom, and that will require a tiny one-time payment of only $5,00, which is not a payment really, because after you become pro-member, this money will show up in your account and you will be able to withdraw it again on level-7, after having finished all 7 levels and already living in Wealth, Health and Happiness! Have Fun and share your experiences on the journey to your Wealth with as many people as possible also inviting your friends from other social networks to Magic Seven - Get Paid Today's support social network site here.
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Signup and Upgrade Support
Here you can post your questions about upgrading your Magic Seven - Get Paid Today membership account, including about the free cash bonus program and free Software & Tools that you have accessed after becoming a member. You can also chat with the online members directly by clicking their Avatar and it will open a chat window where you can send instang message to the person you want to talk to. We wish you a good time here on Social Media Network of Magic Seven - Get Paid Today, where you will be able to access your financial freedom by connecting with many other like minded people and becoming friends on the path to your Happiness, Health and Wealth!
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"Hi, I noticed that the last post was like 6 months ago. Does that mea" - simon
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