The Escape Route

Fri, Dec 30 2016 01:21pm GMT 1
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Academic work was not for the faint-hearted students. My friends were discussing whether they should exit from their courses because the work overwhelmed them. The lecturers had already spoken to them in condescending tones insisting that they had to perform well, or they would receive failed grades. Some lecturers went ahead to threaten the students that they would get D’s and F’s. When they passed, they would get at most B’s. It was rare to find students in college who were in his class who did not complain of his harshness.

Some students searched for trustworthy writing services from Top5WritingServicesReviews. They did not want to lose their academic grades, and passion because of their instructors. They could only dream of their graduation and how they would move ahead in their educational, personal and social life. When academic work was weighing us down, we took alcohol, enhancement drugs and went out to attend the social parties. We did not want to think about educational tasks, or our classes or examinations. Our social time was to take away the stress, the resentment we felt towards our educators, and to revive our energies. We hoped that with our coping mechanisms, we would get back on track with our educational tasks.

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