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The lecturer told me that I had two days to write my assignments. I looked at him like he had gone cuckoos. My mouth was agape in shock. I quickly feigned my shock and shook my head. He quickly dismissed me from his office. As I walked out, I saw that he was busy talking to someone on his phone. I was in trouble, as I wondered how I was going to finish three papers in two days. The length of the academic papers was almost two thousand words each. I decided to hire a professional term paper writing service to assist me.

I promised myself that I was never going to procrastinate on any of my assignments ever again. I also realized that I was going to miss out on the social events I had planned to attend over the weekend. When I told my friends what had happened, they could not help but laugh at me. They said that they were going to take many pictures so that I could see the fun they would experience. This made me feel disheartened, but I pretended that I was okay with the situation. I encouraged them to have as much fun as they could, as I was left behind buried in books.


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  • davidgibbson
    by davidgibbson 10 months ago
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