Faus (skype: fauspur1)

Faus (skype: fauspur1)

58 years old
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Friends, if you need a FREE debit card, please contact me. Thanks.
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    Faustinus Purwanggo



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Currently I work as a freelance translator and a part time internet marketer. I live with my two kids of 12 and 18 years old in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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  • don't have one
    by don't have one 7 years ago
    Yes, I would like to become your friend, and how did you sponsor 17 people? Renee
  • click_n_bid
    by click_n_bid 7 years ago
    By the way, I'm very new here. I also tried to replace the default picture with my photograph but it didn't work. Would you guide me how most of you managed to do it? Thanks again....:)
  • click_n_bid
    by click_n_bid 7 years ago
    Hi! Thanks for requesting to be my friend. I tried to locate for the button that can add you but I couldn't find so perhaps it may help to you to add me instead. Thanks & have a nice weekend!
  • Aeh
    by Aeh 8 years ago
    Thanks for the add
  • madorffmagic7
    by madorffmagic7 8 years ago
    thanks for the compliments Faus and i will like to be with you all the time and let us share some opportunities in common. Like How you can TURN $2 to $61.000 in a Few Months
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  • roddymoney
    by roddymoney 8 years ago
    Hi Faus thanks for the add